House of Gusto is a technical systems integration and consultancy company founded in 2015 by a team of about thirty years of professional experience which is led by Broadcast Audio Engineer Tevfik Bingel. We have set out to consolidate our vast accumulation of professional audio, video, lighting and control systems experience we have in local and international broadcast and entertainment sectors under the roof of the House of Gusto.

The goal

Our aim is to provide our valued customers with the most comfortable and enjoyable experience of using the most modern audio, visual, lighting and control systems in their homes, workplaces and boats. Our professional career goal has always been to maximize the quality of life of our customers’ lives.

Our distinction

Offering a sophisticated technical infrastructure with an aesthetic and easy interface makes us one of the most distinguished features. Not only are we working excellently, we also create electronic solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. Regardless of scope and size, all our projects are built with reliable technology and products that work smoothly, are easy to use, and are energy efficient.
We take great care to follow an ecologically responsible course while bringing together advanced technologies that make home and work life easier for you.

How do we work?

House of Gusto offers a comprehensive range of services, including conceptual development, technical design, architectural integration, product design, custom manufacturing, installation, training and after-sales support. We prepare and implement solutions that are high performance, meeting the latest global standards, and are ready for the future for our friends we serve.

We listen to you

Knowing the technical solutions are limited only by imagination, we are committed to your vision to make your life easier, enjoyable and secure with our expert team and our outstanding solution partners.
We always listen to you and maintain the goal of offering the best for you as the core motivation of the House of Gusto.